About Us

What makes us so special? We’re not only music industry pros, but also fans of music. We understand fandom and how it works.

Sunrise Promotions was born when web developer and online community coordinator Robin Burks felt a need for better promotional solutions for musical acts. She has a B.S. in Advertising with a minor in marketing and felt she could apply her knowledge and experience to music promotions and marketing. Robin worked to put together a team of like-minded individuals, including Frankie Stoppa, Jayme Brown and Nathan Bolender.

Sunrise understands that in order for online promotions to work effectively, a relationship must be established not only with the client, but also with the client’s audience and fans. This is the key to getting the most out of promotions and this is what makes us different.

At Sunrise, we understand the dynamics of the online world and seek to foster positive communities that will create the best form of advertising available: word of mouth. This is our specialty and we can make it work for you.

We also understand the relationship between a musical act and its fans and can help secure that relationship as well as use it to work in the acts’ favor. Fans are the cornerstone of the music industry and we treat them as such. Sunrise embeds itself in its communities and works with the fans in order to promote the artists we represent.

Our slogan at Sunrise is that we have a passion for music, and that’s an absolute fact. We apply this passion in our work, not just with our street teams, but for every artist and fan that we come across.

And that’s the bottom line – we love to promote great music. And whether you’re a music fan or a musician or band, we hope that you love working with us as much as we are going to love working with you.